Retrofit and Modernization

Solutions for extending service life

While power transformers used to last no more than 40 years, some are now reaching an age of 60 or even more. Sometimes it is more economical to replace components such as on-load tap-changers, bushings or cooling systems. We combine individual services into packages and provide complete project management.

On request, we can provide references for projects completed all around the world. For on-load tap-changers in particular there are virtually no makes which we can't replace. Whether you have a bolt-on tap-changer from a UK manufacturer which doesn't exist any more or an in-tank tap-changer from eastern Europe, our specialists will be sure to find a solution. In terms of motor-drive units, we can replace any make with an MR drive.

We also upgrade entire transformers with maintenance-free components - anything from dehydrating breathers and display units to pressure relief devices. We also install intelligent sensors so your control system receives all the necessary data. Our range includes monitoring systems too.

We have special solutions for Bulgarian Elprom on-load tap-changers and Westinghouse tap changers from the USA. We call these solutions LTX (Life Time Extension); compared with a complete replacement, they are cheaper and faster to perform.

Retrofit Solutions

We offer retrofit solutions for older on-load tap-changers, including many types from manufacturers that no longer exist. No matter who manufactured your old motor-drive unit, we can replace it with our ED. We can integrate voltage regulators or monitoring systems with various interfaces into these in order to replace old regulators. We also replace old transformer accessories with new, maintenance-free products from Messko, such as maintenance-free dehydrating breathers.

For certain on-load tap-changers, we offer specially developed, cost-effective replacement solutions. They significantly reduce the time for which your transformer is offline. Examples include the OILTAP® MSE for replacing old Bulgarian on-load tap-changers and the RMT-I slide-in for replacing old Westinghouse UTT on-load tap-changers. No less importantly, we can quickly and easily upgrade old M on-load tap-changers that use oil to vacuum tap-changer technology using the diverter switch insert VM.

For all solutions, we offer complete turnkey project execution. Simply ask your local MR employee.

Retrofit VACUTAP® VM Diverter Switch Insert

  • Compatible with OILTAP® M / MS and other on-load tap-changers based on OILTAP® M
  • No modification work on the oil compartment required

Enhanced Transformer Availability

  • 300,000 switching operations without maintenance, no time- or current-based criteria
  • Contact life: 600,000 switching operations
  • Lifetime of diverter switch insert: 1.2 million tap-change operations
  • Faster maintenance
  • Load increase & Transformer life extension
  • Upgrade to Maintenance-Free OLTC (vacuum technology VACUTAP®)
  • Change from earlier license or bolt-on systems to modern in-tank systems
  • Reliable remote operation
  • Transparent, modular and flexible design
  • Maintenance-Free & protected
  • Transformer life extension
  • Efficient oil cleaning after each OLTC operation
  • Less carbonization and moisture (less pollution)
  • Reliable operating system
  • Pressure switch and manometer for remote connection / Monitoring
  • Calibration & Maintenance-Free
  • Precise and reliable sensor technology
  • Extended transformer life due to intelligent monitoring & control