Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. focus is on MR Asset Management solutions including OLTC Service, OLTC and transformer accessories retrofit/ modernization, OLTC Diagnostics and many more Service related solutions.
Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. is offering you several benefits like follows:


  • Support for all produced original MR OLTCs, licensed OLTCs and non MR OLTCs:
    Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. provides maintenance service and necessary parts not only for MR OLTCs but also for license build and non MR products.
  • Scope of service work according to MR’s standards:
    4,000 service and maintenance jobs per year performed by MR’s service staff all over the world give MR the expertise to define and to provide the necessary scope of work for your OLTC.
  • Defined sets of spare parts:
    Depending on the type of the OLTC and its general condition, MR prescribes the suitable set of spare parts to be exchanged during the maintenance service work.
  • Proper function of the maintained OLTC:
    Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. will give 24 months of warranty on the delivered parts and the performed service work.
  • Our retrofit solutions will extend your transformer lifetime:
    Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. can offer many retrofit solutions, like exchanging diverter switch inserts from oil to vacuum technology, exchanging old motor drive units or dehydrating breathers to new and maintenance free ones.


Numbers that speak for themselves:

Expert service from service experts

  • Over 150 certified service engineers worldwide
  • More than 4,000 service deployments a year
  • Our service engineers are certified transformer experts. They are familiar with every last detail of tap changer technology. They know what counts for every tap changer type and have special tools and the necessary skills.
  • Our project specialists have years of experience and make sure that large-scale replacement projects run smoothly

Premium Service providers

  • Specially trained service engineers
  • Training and regular testing for each tap changer type
  • 24-month warranty for all work we undertake

Quality as standard

  • Spare parts for all On-load Tap-changers ever produced by MR and numerous tap changers produced under license
  • MR service engineers only use genuine MR spare parts
  • Measurement devices developed exclusively for MR, e.g. for Dynamic Resistance Measurement (TAPSCAN® DRM) and Vibro Acoustic Measurement (TAPSCAN® VAM)


  • Our own fully equipped training centers on all continents
  • On-site training possible including "live maintenance"
  • Comprehensive product documentation for all products, which can also be accessed online