Retrofitting transformers on site

Reinhausen Thailand Ltd. (RTH) has successfully overhauled a transformer for the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) in Saraburi, Thailand. The transformer cover was converted from bolted type to a welded type and as the gaskets were starting to show their age and leak oil, these were also replaced.

The RTH project team, led by Mrs. Nadlada Prikatikan visited the end-user to convince them of the feasibility of this unique project in Thailand. The RTH-Team successfully welded the cover and replaced all gaskets. The team were accompanied by Tan & Sons Corporation Limited.

Due to the oil purification, the life-time of the transformer was visibly extended. This allows PEA to safely operate the transformer for several more years. All these benefits and the professional execution by the RTH-Team resulted in a satisfactory project completion for PEA.

It was also an exciting experience for RTH itself, as the team had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge. This service can now be offered to other customers in Thailand.