Lam Takhong hydro power plant

OILTAP® G service

The giants are at work deep underground. The Lam Takhong hydro power plant is fitted with a pair of OILTAP® G OLTCs, the largest OILTAP® manufactured by MR, which have been in operation for over 22 years.

Reinhausen (Thailand) Ltd. completed routine service last month, ensuring that the OLTCs are in top shape for their important role in the Thai energy supply network.

As you can see, the sheer size of the diverter switch requires the highest level of training as well as special tools to ensure that the work can be completed properly.

MR dispatched a specialist to complete the work; after 14 days quarantine upon entry to Thailand, the service engineer was ready to begin work.

OILTAP® G is the true giant of the OILTAP® RANGE

  • Maximum current: 1,600 Amps in star-point design and 3,000 Amps in single-phase design
  • Maximum step voltage: 5,000 V
  • Total weight: 1,680kg